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Then there's the way he single-handled changed the way the suit was worn by men and women in the work place and beyond.And finally, that little thing called the red carpet.President Obama declined on Friday to refer to the 1915 massacre as genocide, breaking a key campaign promise as his presidency nears an end.Obama called the massacre the first mass atrocity of the 20th century and a tragedy that mustn't be repeated.As of 2011 Of the notable landmarks of Yerevan, Erebuni Fortress is considered to be the birthplace of the city, the Katoghike Tsiranavor church is the oldest surviving church of Yerevan and Saint Gregory Cathedral is the largest Armenian cathedral in the world, Tsitsernakaberd is the official memorial to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, and several opera houses, theatres, museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions.At 84, Giorgio Armani could sit back and rest on his laurels, which are sizable.The collection was centered around black velvet, something he has always embraced, but which seems to be right in step with what's happening elsewhere this season. Or velvet boleros were thrown over the shoulders of sequined floral dresses and tops.

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Not to mention, the cars, yachts and sun-kissed, tanned-and-toned personal lifestyle.By the late ancient Armenian Kingdom, new capital cities were established and Yerevan declined in importance.