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The episode is currently slated to air either in late December or early January.

Jessica Lowedes is a Canadian actress, model, a singer as well as a songwriter who is very successful not only in Canada, but also in the USA.

yeah i don't like what they're wearing but i think the story itself is much more important maybe the show will be good; in Gossip girl it's all about nice clothes that most could never afford and some boring characters (except Blair) Troop Beverly Hills? Its not like that in real life, and on our show, these characters have real layers that will all peel away very, very slowly.

But the emotions and the issues are very real, adds Shenae Grimes (yes, that girl from Degrassi) Like, on most television shows, the girl gets an eating disorder, she cries, her mom solves it all in one episode.

You may not be on first-name terms with these girls yet, but come September 2, you will be.

bosses on Dixon's accident, Adrianna's hookup and a milestone episode Ty will return for an episode in which we see how his character would've fared had Annie (Shenae Grimes) never moved to Beverly Hills.

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But considering Luke Perry has said he has no interest in appearing on "90210" 2.0, the safe money would seem to be on Brandon.Jason Priestley's already copped to wanting to direct an episode and really, how hard would it be for him to step around to the other side of the camera? Tonight's episode is titled "Lucky Strike" and, sure enough, bowling's on the agenda when the wholesome Wilson clan — who uprooted from Kansas to Cali after dad Harry (Rob Estes) accepted the West Beverly principal gig — decides to do Family Night.

The film was quite successful, aimed at a young audience, and spawned two sequels; the second in 2006, and the third in 2008.… continue reading »

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