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01-Oct-2017 05:40

But when 30 hit, let’s just say God and me were in a fight. You go to youth group, you love Jesus, you meet someone, you graduate high school, you get married, and as the fairy tales say, “You live happily ever after.” When I was 19 I was ready. At 27, I understood and accepted that God was using the last few years to prepare me for marriage.Those of the older generation are used to a more traditional style of dating, so it’s not unusual that they would be concerned about age in the digital era.The good news is, you're not alone in feeling this way. I think the class was supposed to take the folksy aphorism to mean that terrestrial concerns can splash cold water on high romance. ” It was a dog-whistle sentiment tuned to a frequency one grudgingly learns to pick up in graduate school environments.

But that episode was about the Khan brothers and not just Arbaaz.

This truncated understanding of difference is especially ripe for examination in what we are told is an alarmingly polarized America, where questions of difference pervade the roiling debate over free speech on college campuses, the post-election spike in hate crimes, and even how to confront terrorism.

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