Arrogant men dating

23-Sep-2017 21:28

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Here are 6 personality traits that will make just about any guy fall head over heels for you. The point here is not to pretend that you aren't interested while your heart is actually fluttering and you're secretly concerned that you're starting to sweat; instead, consciously realize that you're not sure if he's all that either. How could you possibly know anything more about him than how he looks, walks and smiles? So, approach the situation as exactly what it is — you think he's superficially attractive, but he's going to have to prove to you that he's worth talking to, much less giving your number to.

Look at this as a chance to find out if he really is a guy that you want to get to know better.

Their universe is usually small, with statements that have too many "should" and "must." They have idealist views, and a need to impose and make others believe that their universe is the better one. That is why they use other people to fill up the inner gap. They lack the ability to feel confidence internally, and instead find a sensation of superiority by seeing others as inferior. They usually have points of views that are fixated and most of the time not valid, since they are usually the type who only reads the cover of the magazine to look smart, and then is opinioned about it. There is a part of them that they don't like and are trying hard to cover.

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I am not interested in women who look over 27, drink beer from a bottle in public (how uncouth), think they have a career in Vegas (lol),are over 135 pounds, and are unable to compose correspondence without resulting to text-speak.Insecure men can drain you of every drop of energy you have in order to make him feel safe and secure in your relationship.