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14-Oct-2017 19:30

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I don’t even thing Jones was purposefully talking out of his ass or is particularly egregious in his errors — I generally don’t read Gamasustra for a reason — but unfortunately someone linked the article and I know just enough about Starcraft to know he was a good ways off the mark and in ways that should have been obvious.I’m sad no one really called him out on the obviously foolish bits about ‘expectations’.On top of their size, they are beautifully designed with a madman’s eye for what a monster should look like.

It can sometimes be difficult to effectively communicate just how bad this sustained intimidation campaign really is. As she fights these enemies from Paradiso and tries to uncover her past, a wily young reporter, Luka, follows her, determined to unmask her to the public after witnessing his father’s death at her hands when she came out of the pond where she was buried some twenty years earlier. It is a tale of good versus bad (in which bad, ironically, is Paradiso) and in which there are two magical sects from ancient lore fighting over focal points of power, two gemstones that can control time and the universe.