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09-Dec-2017 14:14

Never liked them, still don’t bother with them (have given or thrown away for the most part): Grovia, above: this is baby at two months old, so the legs are certainly starting to fill out. You can also see how the fastener is pulling away from the diaper; it just won’t stay flat, so not enough of the aplix is touching the surface.

Wetting the bed at night (the medical term is enuresis) is more common in adults than you might think.

This is the frames version of the list of Prolific Net Authors.

Just this morning I had a cute baby on my lap, typing away, when I heard the telltale putter of a BM in action.

So it would help so much if you could check them out, and say your from Sissy Kiss.

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Since we reviewed 24 brands of cloth diapers a few years ago, we’re constantly feeling out which ones lasted for the long haul for this next baby and which are giving up on us.

I held him against my front, careful not to squeeze the diaper, and started to head upstairs.