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23-Jul-2017 02:12

Bill Cloke, the author of Happy Together: Creating a Lifetime of Connection, Commitment, and Intimacy, told Women’s Health magazine that it is the reason for moving in together, rather than the act itself, that is so vital to be honest about.

“Couples just need to be honest about why they’re deciding to move in together,” he said.

So there will be a lot of confused women this morning following new research from the University of Iowa that found The Rules may not be the formula for lasting relationships they thought. But that’s not the only Rule that seems to not work.

The study has found that “a significant percentage of current relationships began with non-romantic sex.” Anthony Paik, an assistant professor of sociology, told the magazine: “People now view hooking up as a predictable, normal part of life and don’t let it contaminate or poison the beginning of a relationship.” Early sex is a no-no according to the rules (and casual sex doesn’t factor in at all), so the fact a shag can represent a strong starting point is not good news for the authors. Rule 22 tells women to not move in with a man or even leave things at his place.

Despite Jess previously saying she wasn’t planning on having sex while on the reality series, things looked very different when the pair were locked away in their own private room.

Back in the main room, Amber and Kem were keen to celebrate also, and were seen making plenty of movement in their own bed.

Yet even today, there's the unspoken assumption that "people study sex because they are perverts," says Roach.

Last year’s series of the show shocked some fans with the amount of sexual references, and had received hundreds of complaints to Ofcom.

The reality dating series was cleared by the watchdog after receiving complaints about two contestants having sex in a scene which aired 10 minutes after the watershed.

But much of their data arose from their bizarre invention of an artificial-coition machine: "a thrusting mechanical penis camera that filmed – from the inside – their [female subjects'] physical responses to it." This is "as good as science gets," she writes, "a mildy outrageous, terrifically courageous, seemingly efficacious display of creative problem-solving, fuelled by a bullheaded dedication to amassing facts and dispelling myths".

Roach attempts to track down the device, and puzzles over why or how so many female volunteers seem to have reached orgasm from nothing more than "the straight-on, in-and-out motions of a plastic phallus".Californian reporter Mary Roach puts her quick wit to good service in this entertaining romp through sex research, past and present.

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