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Kendrick Lamar's Friday night concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn was a mix of favorites old ("A. You can see the segment above, and watch the entire concert below (the fan segment starts at around the mark).

Surprisingly for the man (and basically everyone else involved), Kendrick let the segment go on for almost two and a half full minutes, throwing word prompts and trading bars with the obviously ecstatic fan, who also did double duty as hype man while Lamar was rapping.

Start chillin with the bald eagles and the falcons everyday. You started a battle and i showed up make sure you have healthcare...

They get to see landscapes that you would put you in a daze. aint answering to nun less thn 8 barz but dont back dont cause I know ur scared...

A vocalist No sense in what you write, that's why I wrote you No sense in my sentence is when I'm on the fence, bout to walk up and smoke you You try to hard, that's how your going to die No need to drive my car, high *** hell , and only got one open eye Rambling about illuminaty, won't even see me when you walking by God ain't gonna save you, or anybody that you worship Your teacher never gave you, information worth ****, that's why you learned **** I'm sick as **** I don't think before I do, a ****en nut, I know the consiquences to the **** I do Eat people like you, sit and I chew, break you bones I like it when they're crunchy too And that cream in your dream you probably thought was money is really semon, that you feaning funny process of dreaming Ha I dnt know wat y'all thinking raps old timey Abraham Lincoln for me raps come easy I feel like two chains or wheezy U ain't getting no freebies Me I think y'all all freaking sleazy I'm rocking in my one man gang Yeah just doing my thing Y'all lucky that my raps over So pull out a freaking 4leaf clover Your right, you don't know what we're thinkin Cus we write with big words while your character's shrinkin So go ahead say we rap old, say I'm Mr. Cus I still go twice as hard as you, thats my 2 cents payin Ironically this ***** named Penny said our bodies should Link in. I'm better developed; the lyrical imagery forms pics..

it's swords of war and you've drawn the short stick.

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But like everyone else i gotta be more down to earth, because who you are is what you are worth. But you still aint slinging nun good and thats the truth... You aint nothin but imma still cut u dont to size like a wood chopper.... It's a tricky skill to learn, but can be really helpful when learning how to rap.If you want to learn how to rap, this is a good place to start. It gives you topics to keep your brain on a roll, as well as provides beats that you can listen to so that you can practice your flow.the King is the top dog he gets respect from subjects who think he's God's law now you can take a crown or 2 by infiltrating the tower, but you'll never take the throne unless you earn the power **** where you from, eff yo whole crew I just screwed the bish that just screwed you Outta all your cash, nothin you can do And I stick around like an effin' tattoo Your flow washed up you the washed up crew Guns in the jeep as we pullin up to you We about to do a sweep as we yellin' out Su Wu And yo future looks bleak cuz we bangin' without truce Suicide attack someone go and get the noose As I hear the beat drop I'm about to go loose Smoke blow out the window, call it summer haze Starin' down the barrel bet that you seen better days Tell me what more can I say, I can kill it all day Speed dialed the coroner, got some bodies for ya Blood on the carpet, death in the beat And I keep it G always like I'm straight up off the street Hustle like I need it, flow is ice cold And I'd tell you that I killed it But we already know And I mean it when I say that's the way the story goes Leave the King in the castle ... I only got half way thru , I felt like calling yogi cuz your shet is boo boo A picnic basket with only fruit, but at least you rep what you do can call me ****, my name be in and out them haters mouth Yall see what i bust nd trust you gonna throw in the towel .f*** a metaphor , I don't need you to see the picture You probobly a sleeper, I'm n addict your a tweakr in the mixture . And essentially what Im spittin is A fear of commitment with Everything that means gettin with You and everything that you represent Because in my eyes I've realized an unlived life So now I try to define what I think is right So when asked why I deny myself a Wife Its cus love can't fly when tied by a plight. Not bad eh you only gots four-min to get your form-in.

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Open your eyes nd try to focus, its like Apollo wrote this I'm not a god a simple locus, and. force it more kid, it's raw wit you're flawed with. I've seen these p***ies performing like porn flicks. Even people not familiar with freestyle rap are amazed. " – Rap Script is also available as free app for i Phone and Android.