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15-Dec-2017 13:22

The Council of Elvira, a local synod held in Hispania Baetica (part of modern Andalusia) in 306, before Constantine had legitimized Christianity, made it an explicit law that bishops and other clergy should not have sexual relations with their wives.

The church canons known as the Ecclesiastical Canons of the Holy Apostles, which appear to have been composed in Syria or Egypt slightly earlier have also been interpreted as imposing a similar obligation.

Their parish priests are most often married, but must marry before becoming ordained as priests—although they can get married while still attending the seminary.

There is no dispute that at least some of the apostles were married or had been married: a mother-in-law of Peter is mentioned in the account in Matthew , Mark -34, Luke -41 of the beginning of Jesus' ministry.

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(See also 2.9) Clergy should seek to ensure that churchwardens, PCCs and the wider congregation understand their responsibilities and roles in making every church a safe place for all.

He was hurt that I hadn’t included him in my discernment process—and livid that I would “so easily” abandon the relationship we had developed over the last ten years because “friends don’t treat each other like that.” He is right about friends, but I was not his friend. For over 30 years I’ve struggled with the question of befriending parishioners.

Mormon Think's response to Book of Mormon translation essay Update: The October 2015 has an article called "Joseph the Seer" which mentions the stone-in-the-hat translation method but still does not show an accurate picture of the process and instead shows the images commonly shown in the past.… continue reading »

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