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Company formed in 1897, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nobels explosive company who also owned a further Ammunition plant, fully acquired in 1907, at Waltham Abbey, Essex. The company was taken over in 1918 by Explosives Trades Ltd which became Nobel Industries, which was in turn was to become part of the new giant Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd when it was formed in 1926. cartridges produced with the BE cases from 1941 to 1945 were... Manufacture thought to have been by Fabrique Nationale (National Weapons Factory) at Herstal in Belgium. BCMK2, BCMK4, BCMK6, BCMK7, B (Mk 6 Match), BNCMK7Z, CRGBHMK1Z, BLK (Mk 6 and 6 converted), BLK (Mks 3, 5, 5z), BLK (Commercial), D (D Mk 9), Dummy (Mks 3, 4), Dummy (Non Regulation), Practice (Gaudet), Practice (short range... Crompton Parkinson Ltd, Guiseley, Yorkshire, UK, although filling took place at Doncaster (see below). Fabricated nitro-cellulose loaded Imperial Japanese Navy Year Type 92 Machine Gun Ammunition, which is interchangeable with the .303 cartridge in... This factory made and marked cases but filling was carried out at the Royal Ordnance Factory Swynnerton, Staffs.Contains many new headstamps not found in other books, as well as some headstamps that were previously unknown.(Note: This Guide will On most cartridge headstamps, along with the company information, you will also find the caliber of the cartridge. On an actual cartridge the headstamp will read: "Dominion .38-55 Win".A military cartridge may also contain the year: EX on a .30-06 cartridge "TW 42".

In general, however, the headstamp found on commercial ammunition will only show the manufacturer and calibre.From these impressions, one can, depending on the type of ammunition and its origin, determine the manufacturer, calibre, type, date of manufacture, batch number, case material, and so on.