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25-Sep-2017 20:23

is a new series by babe that explores the real love lives of young women across the United States.

A large majority of young women’s media glamorizes the idea of dating, sex and relationships, but we all know things are hardly ever as clean as they seem.

For those wondering, this wasn't a disappointing ending to the night at all — I don't think either of us expected to have sex.

I don't really like sleeping with people I don't know well.

Being single doesn't have to suck and dating doesn't have to be a nightmare. In fact, when we've got our girls around us for support and we work together, being single can actually be a lot of fun!

And when we're having fun, our lives and our relationship statuses can change in a heartbeat.

Necessary evil the same way everyone is on Facebook because everyone is on Facebook).10 p.m.: I met Teacher, a woman I first met in college seven years ago and recently reconnected with when she moved to New York, for drinks.

We went through the normal conversation rotation — updates on lives, talk of family — and visited a couple of my favorite bars.

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12 a.m.: We meet up with friends at a rooftop in Bushwick before hitting the clubs, and make a vow to go up and talk to any attractive guys we see. 12 p.m.: We spot two hot guys sitting together, and walk up to them. 12 p.m.: Meet up with the girls for a boozy brunch. ) confronts me about not answering his texts anymore. 6 p.m.: Spend about an hour too long swiping on Tinder.I'll facilitate group discussions and exercises on modern dating topics - everything from where to meet guys you'll actually like, to what guys are thinking when they ghost.

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