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09-Jan-2018 08:26

so I was like ya well we had been fooling around for the past few weeks. It was when I found this all out that the relationship ended. Some people are very negative in their comments here.

Well im now finding myself falling for her and not being able to get her off my mind. She also has a son who likes me and he's a really good kid. She was 36 at the time I dated her (thus making her several years older than me.). My mother was 20 when she met my father who was 42.

So, you have to fish the biggest pond in hope of a catch every once in a while.

But this is not working for me anymore, I get a few dates here and there but as soon as these young women realise I am 15 years older than them, they politely excuse themselves from any romantic future. Most my friends on it are Taiwanese and if I was single and looking (I am married), I would post a photo of me eating by myself in a restaurant and comment on the photo, "sigh, only if I had someone to share this great food with" or something as cheesy hehe.

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Offensive posts will also be removed at the discretion of the moderators, including lewdness, excessive profanity, pornographic pictures, nasty and mean-spirited comments If a post is moved to the Temporary Forum or edited, this is probably because the post is either off topic or violates one of the "general etiquette" rules.However, I believe that young attractive Ukrainian women looking for a man twice her age may well be motivated primarily with the prospect of access to greater wealth and /or a visa enrty to a percieved more attractive country, rather than looking genuinely for a future husband who will be the father of her children. Hi Gotno, I observed the very things you mentioned about the men when I was in the Ukraine last summer.

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