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The KBOX Nano takes the same shape and has all of the features of the Mini, including the curved edges that keep the device firmly inside your grip.Across the body are your standard fire, power up and power down buttons.He created the artwork below on the topic of Slavery, in the days that Slavery was still a thriving institution in our land.Thomas Nast's dramatic illustrations helped our Nation understand the moral outrage of slavery.She lives in a palace-like temple with hundreds of loyal servants in the middle of New Salem (Salem, Oregon in the books by Lisi Harrison).She can always rely on her BFF, Ghoulia, to have her back, and not just because Ghoulia is her personal assistant.She believes herself and Deuce Gorgon to be the "it" couple at Monster High, according to "Boo York, Boo York".

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It is the responsibility of the user to find a suitable 18650 battery and corresponding wall charger with cell output of 20A or above.

She is extremely competitive with other ghouls, especially Torelai Stripe.

But deep down, Cleo's a very caring, kind and thoughtful ghoul with a sweet hearted boyfriend.

In the music video for the Monster High Fright Song, while Cleo de Nile herself does appear in animation, she is also cast with several other character analogues who received creative interpretation by the video crew. In the English version of the cartoon, Cleo's voice is provided by Salli Saffioti, who also happens to provide the voice for Clawdeen Wolf, in "Scaris: City of Frights" their voice was provided by Salli Saffioti under the alias Celeste Henderson. In the Latin American version of the cartoon, Cleo's voice is provided by Rocío Bermúdez in the first and second volume, but since the third volume her voice is provided by Valentina Souza.

She was portrayed by Megan Nicole in the You Tube video of the Monster High special song "Digital Monsters, We are Proud".Sungguh nyaman dia tersenyum kuminum jadi bagi anda foto bugil artis indo yang sudah jongkok.