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04-Feb-2018 14:47

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All there messages came thro at the same time to all my accounts with only the place name changed... 

 If you want you could stick your hand in my pants and you could feel how wet I'd be already. Let's start making out with our hands in each other's pants', fingering and jerking...

 At least that's what I've been doing 3 times a day. Was on shag city for quite a while just didn't get adate . And, given the cost; what price a fuck buddy of the quality showing? Think of this: Identifying the type, when in your high street bar or restaurant, might be useful; even if this lot have a lack of confidence. Dont bother, they just want you to spend your credits on chatting, no actual commitment to meet up, when they say come over now they dont actually mean it, but come up with an excuse, they never answer questions.Here is one from just now I definitely like you wigglingtongue! And after that, you can stick your fat cock inside of my soaking wet pussy.. Dont be fooled its not a dating site,just one to fleece you. First initial messages are generic trigger messages to get you talking and replying.

The above quote, taken from the W3C website, is one of the reasons for this site.

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