Discouraging steady dating

13-Oct-2017 23:28

If the date went well, and the couple wished to take their relationship to the next level, they declared themselves “going steady,” or “getting pinned” and arranged a schedule for dates and phone calls.

“Getting pinned” usually led the couple to the next level: engagement and eventually, marriage.

Ask them what they think and what they know so you can correct misconceptions. Age-appropriate conversations about relationships and intimacy should begin early in a child’s life and continue through adolescence.

Resist the idea that there should be just one conversation about all this – you know, “the talk.” The truth is that parents and kids should be talking about sex and love all along.

Scores of researchers who have interviewed teen-agers who go steady report that such youngsters increasingly believe that they are entitled to take sinful liberties with their boy friends or girl friends.

For example, Eugene Gilbert, a specialist in studying the habits and opinions of adolescents, made a survey of 5,000 high school students for This Week magazine.

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Be sure to look at our resources page for age-appropriate resources for your children and for you!“You’re too young to be so serious with [insert significant other’s name],” our parents insisted.

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