Dns not updating new ip address

09-Oct-2017 06:24

I have two DCs, both have DNS running, one running DHCP.

For some reason DHCP leases are not registered in either DNS server.

The following reasons or events can trigger a dynamic update: When one of these events triggers a dynamic update, the DNS Client service (not the DHCP Client service) sends updates.

The DNS Client service performs this function for all network connections on the client, including any that are not configured to use DHCP.

When DHCP changes IP address information, corresponding DNS updates synchronize name-to-address associations for the computer.

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To facilitate this interaction, servers running Windows ServerĀ® 2008 and DHCP and clients running DHCP can register with DNS, allowing cooperation between the two.

You can use this procedure to update the IP address of a delegation for a domain controller that is also a DNS server.