Evenly yoked dating

29-Jul-2017 09:39

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You are traveling in opposite directions – where is the unity of spirit, where is the unity of purpose, where is the unity of heart that can keep you together while still following God’s plan? Taking two very different people, no matter how much they love each other, and having them learn to live sacrificially and selflessly day in and day out takes a lifetime of work and resting in God’s grace and power.Trying to do this when only one spouse is trusting in the Lord can become almost impossible.And so Paul is telling the Corinthians congregation which was steeped in paganism and their cities peppered with pagan temples, that they should not be "unequally" yoked with those that practiced paganism or any works of darkness.They were to avoid: "unbelievers, unrighteousness, darkness, Belial, infidels, and idols." There it is.

To help you get a better picture of what it means to be unequally yoked and why it’s best to avoid this arrangement, let’s look at Deuteronomy .

This doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with or even date someone who believes differently than you at all (especially since Paul wasn’t talking about friendships or marriage).

It just means that you understand there are fundamental differences that will matter at different points in your relationship.

That's the list Paul gave them, exactly as we read above.

Nothing is mentioned about marriage, but it does apply to marriage. Well, first of all it is not possible to live in a country, state, county, city, or village without constantly coming in contact with just such persons.

They are not acting from a basis of faith but of feelings. Sometimes we are so afraid of waiting on God’s timing that, like Sarai with Hagar, we jump ahead of God’s plan and force one of our own making.

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