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i still prefer guys but since i was 11 i have had feelings for girls but i was never open minded about them. (its a bit depressing because hes my best friend and came out to me as gay..) but i also started developing a female crush a few weeks back.although i have accepted my feelings now, i still find it as not normal.. everyone is grown up by their parents with an image of being in a straight relationship and not even having conversations about possibly the same sex, wether the parent realises it or not.i feel different to everyone else.. like a female dog (if you know what i mean) in the changing rooms which will make everything so difficult.. You say that you’'ve accepted your feelings now, but you didn'’t think it was normal.i found it abnormal and couldnt accept it to myself, nevermind tell everyone else about these only reason i finally accepted to myself that i was bisexual was that i started feeling for girls a lot more. although everyone doesnt even know, i feel like an outcast... You also seem to feel that society sees it as we obviously have no problems in discussing these things.. i dont even see why im worried about his thoughts considering i dont want him in my i come out (which im far from comfortable with yet).. It’s also often assumed that you must see yourself as straight, unless you say otherwise.but i would prefer to get a strangers views on all of mum wont mind me being bisexual.. I know it can be difficult to step away from all that and think about how you actually see yourself.He would be upset but pick himself up and go back the next day.” “Charlotte would even be teased with people shouting things like, ‘You’re going out with a fa**ot’,” she added.She said her son’s death had been a shock: “He was doing so well at school and looking forward to going to college.He was still with Charlotte and I was worried he was confused about his sexuality.She had broached the subject with her son after learning that his girlfriend was pregnant, and said that in response: “He shouted that he wasn’t gay and loved Charlotte, but eventually confessed he might be bisexual.” Ms Machin said that Stubbs was bullied at school for his perceived sexuality, and Ms Mason also became a target.

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The teenager from Leyland had gone missing on Sunday 25 November last year from the home of his girlfriend, Charlotte Mason, and their four month old daughter, Lily. “I will be watching over you and making sure you make the right choices. Please don’t grieve and try to move on as best you can, I love you all so very much.” Ms Machin told the Sun that the note also encouraged his little brother to grow up “tough”, and said she worried Stubbs might feel insecure about his own perceived lack of toughness and confusion over his sexuality: “To me he always seemed to have camp mannerisms and I always had my suspicions he could be gay.He wanted to get a good job and do everything he could for Lily and Charlotte.” She added, “I think Anthony was very good at hiding how he really felt and making everyone believe he was OK.” “I think his feelings for the same sex left him struggling to know what to do about it.I think it got on top of him — coping with these feelings, being a dad and being good to Charlotte.The more questions you answer, the more likely you’ll find a match.

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