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14-Nov-2017 21:06

With a bed inside an igloo and icicles hanging down from the ceiling, this room represents a fantasy escape from the sweltering heat of the city (because of its popularity, a whole wing of the hotel is now dedicated to such rooms).Most rooms in the hotel, however, represent countries, including Germany (complete with a wall paintings of Hitler and a VW bug), Argentina (soccer players and tango singers), France (the Eiffel Tower), Spain (with a bed inside of a bullfight ring), Venezuela (life-sized figures of Fidel and Chavez standing arm-in-arm in front of oil fields), Iraq (Saddam Hussein, and more oil fields), and the USA (life-sized sculptures of George Bush and Osama Bin-Laden playing chess in front of the World Trade Center towers engulfed in flames).The first time I went to Cali, Colombia, I took a taxi directly from the airport to Motel Kiss Me, where I was ushered into the Presidential Gold Suite, complete with its own private Jacuzzi and sauna.Most people who go to Motel Kiss Me are accompanied by a lover and stay only a couple of hours. I ate almost every meal in the communal kitchen on a rooftop along with the hotel’s managers, maids, handymen, receptionists, and cooks, played billiards with the owner in his penthouse, and rarely ventured into the broiling heat outside the walls.While I was there taking photographs of the hotel, I rode up and down in the elevator with arriving and departing couples and walked down the halls listening to the music, moans, and screams of people having sex at all hours of the day and night.I often photographed the rooms just after they were abandoned by lovers, with the physical remains of wild sex still to be seen on the bed or floor and the aroma of sex lingering in the air.

The first room created in Kiss Me was the Polar Room.My writing this book 30 years ago was a mistake, I did it for the money." All of Trump's actions are the opposite of the Christ, which means he's the current Antichrist.

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