Intimidating lines

29-Jul-2017 15:43

Finally, the TRIM function slices off all extra space characters and returns just the line text.Don't forget that Excel has a built-in Text to Columns feature that can split text according to the delimiter of your choice, though it is not a dynamic solution like a formula.“We fear that the wait times that voters have already endured during these first several days of early voting foretell of an untenable situation on Election Day that will leave voters disenfranchised.” The reduction was especially difficult for students at North Carolina A&T State University, a historically black college.In 20, they had an early voting location directly on campus in the first week of early voting. “That presented some added impediment,” A&T Political Science professor Derek Smith told reporters.To extract lines from a multi-line cell, you can use a clever (and intimidating) formula that combines 5 Excel functions: TRIM, MID, SUBSTITUTE, REPT, and LEN.In the example shown, the formula in D5 is: The number of spaces used to replace the line delimiter is based on the total length the text in the cell.

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The starting point is worked out with: At this point, we have the "nth line", surrounded by spaces.On Windows, you can type Control J to enter the equivalent of a new line character for the "Other" delimiter.You can also use Control J for new line during search and replace operations.Double Click on the Pencil tool in the tools palette, and you will get the Pencil tool preferences pane.

From here you can set the amount of smoothness you wish to achieve. The Paintbrush Tool has the same options, for those of you who like to use the Paintbrush tool instead of the Pencil.With a couple easy tool settings, you'll be making smooth lines in seconds baby!