Intimidating voters

04-Aug-2017 23:50

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In Arizona, the secretary of state’s office released a long list last week describing illegal intimidating conduct, including blocking the entrance to a polling place, disrupting voting lines, raising one’s voice or taunting a voter or poll worker, or photographing or filming voters in a harassing manner.

The state also counts any aggressive display of weapons; using threatening, insulting or offensive language to a voter or poll worker; intentionally disseminating false information at a polling place; and directly confronting or asking voters for “documentation” or other questions that only poll workers should perform.

Some of the more notorious examples of voter intimidation include: Voters concerned that they are being targeted by deceptive election practices, in addition to alerting local authorities, should immediately contact 1-866-OUR-VOTE, because it is very unlikely they are the only ones and these practices must be stopped.

Voter Challengers Generally, voter challengers can question the eligibility of a voter on Election Day before a voter completes and casts a ballot.

There are a few places, and not many in swing states … what they do is, they leave dead people on the rolls, and then they pay people to vote those dead people four, five, six, seven, eight, nine times. The same goes in Virginia, Oregon and South Carolina.” An expansive report from 2012 by the public policy organization Demos makes clear how much polling challenges can vary.

And you got to watch your polling booths, because I hear too many stories about Pennsylvania. I hear too many bad stories, and we can’t lose an election because of you know what I’m talking about. There have been places where a lot of cheating has gone on over the years. Dead people generally vote for Democrats, rather than Republicans … In Wisconsin, the report adds, “any voter can challenge someone’s ballot based on the suspicion that they are not qualified.

The RNC tried and failed to have that decree lifted in the courts.

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Challengers also cause Election Day confusion by creating delays and uncertainty, and can easily intimidate voters, particularly because mass challenges might be based solely upon the race of voters.

And Donald Trump’s insistence, as recently as the third debate, that voting is “rigged” and that he might not accept election results if he loses, only creates more incentive for poll watchers to frighten voters.

I’m going to make them a little bit nervous.” What seems like a throwback to the Jim Crow era—visions of armed “poll watchers” scaring voters under the guise of keeping the process clean—suddenly looks to be the nightmare scenario for the 2016 election.

While both parties fight for their lives life in states like New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, they’re now having to battle each other in court as well.

On their face, these cases may seem like a form of legal subterfuge—attempts to distract the other party and float damaging allegations days before the election.

Over the last two weeks, the Democratic and Republican parties have filed half a dozen warring complaints about poll monitoring.

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