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They exist in direct inverse proportion to the amount of yapping done by the pic’s lost-in-the-woods teenage protagonists, often simply and unnecessarily talking to themselves.This uneven new project from writing-directing duo Scott Beck and Bryan Woods is a mixed bag whose scares will play best in a darkened theater, though inevitably it will be more widely seen via VOD. After a prologue in which depressed young Ethan (Kyle Fain) records his fragile hopes that things will improve — they didn’t, since the video is framed as police evidence of his suicidal intent — we meet Robin (Shelby Young), whose tie to him we only glean later on.The fun starts with a game of chicken on train tracks; then there’s hide-and-seek.Mysteriously failing flashlights and weird noises portend malevolent forces that first strike in earnest about half an hour in, with the characters already unwisely scattered for maximum vulnerability.Mike Bailey After posting some questionable things on Twitter, dissing Skins in the process, Mike Bailey kind of fell off the grid.In fact, the most recent picture I could find of him was from 2009 when he appeared in 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth.

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Things look up for Lauren when she finds herself falling for the school joker Danny – played by 19-year-old Mitch Hewer, who’s already found fame in Channel 4’s Skins.April Pearson After Skins, April appeared in Tormented with ONTD favorite Pettyfer in 2009.