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Adjacent to the bedroom lies a walk-in wardrobe and large bathroom with stand-alone bath and walk-in shower.

With views over Jakarta's city skyline, these spacious rooms are lavishly designed and include a comfortable lounge area.

It is only after discussing with girls, clients and club owners, that I finally realized what karaokes were for and why Indonesians are so crazy about them.

The main appeal of karaoke in Indonesia is the need for privacy.

Rooms enjoy comfortable lounge areas and luxurious bathrooms.

Decorated in an elegant colonial style with dark teak panelling, views stretch over the Welcome Monument and the financial and diplomatic district.

Adjacent to the bedroom lies a luxurious marble bathroom. These elegant rooms offer panoramic views of the Welcome Monument, and financial and diplomatic districts.

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Strategically located in the Ancol area, North Jakarta, Alexis Hotel is the pioneer that sets the benchmark for adult one stop entertainment hotel.