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According to New York State Police, Shawn Raymo used Skype to watch his wife having oral sex with an unidentified 15-year-old girl.State police have not yet said what led to the couple's arrest Tuesday.Her screams begin to grow increasingly high-pitched as the larger and heavier missiles strike her body with sickening thuds.A large baying mob can be seen watching the brutal killing, some even recording the horrific footage on their mobile phones.The aspiring inventors wept when they heard they couldn't escort their machine to Washington DC for the First Global Challenge, an annual contest for high school students from across the world.

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The brutal murder is a reminder of the endemic violence against women in Afghanistan, despite reforms since the Taliban regime fell in 2001.Konop added that he is unaware of anything similar happening before involving Drum soldiers. Afterward they were sent to the Jefferson County jail in lieu of ,000 cash bail each.The couple is awaiting grand jury action, police said.‘s Marco Werman about his latest journey — airing on FRONTLINE tonight — deep into remote Afghan countryside to investigate a horrifying sex trade: young girls kidnapped or traded to smugglers to meet the debts of impoverished opium farmers whose crops have been destroyed by the government.

Quraishi met several girls who were taken from their families, an existing problem that he says has increased as a result of poppy eradication programs.Niima attends school each morning in a dress and a headscarf.