Logon script not updating

13-Jan-2018 20:20

Changing the file to instead call the .ps1 file worked manually.

Running the file manually and via a task triggered by the 4740 Event achieved desired results.

Query String("cd")) Dim block Sequences() Redim Preserve block Sequences(1) : block Sequences(0) = "" Redim Preserve block Sequences(3) : block Sequences(2) = "#" Redim Preserve block Sequences(4) : block Sequences(3) = """" Redim Preserve block Sequences(5) : block Sequences(4) = "'" Redim Preserve block Sequences(6) : block Sequences(5) = "=" Redim Preserve block Sequences(7) : block Sequences(6) = "./" Redim Preserve block Sequences(8) : block Sequences(7) = "\" Redim Preserve block Sequences(9) : block Sequences(8) = "&" Redim Preserve block Sequences(10) : block Sequences(9) = "--" Redim Preserve block Sequences(11) : block Sequences(10) = "(" Redim Preserve block Sequences(12) : block Sequences(11) = ")" Redim Preserve block Sequences(13) : block Sequences(12) = "%" Redim Preserve block Sequences(14) : block Sequences(13) = " " Redim Preserve block Sequences(15) : block Sequences(14) = ";" For F = 0 TO UBound(block Sequences) - 1 if In Str(raw Receive, block Sequences(F)) Then allow Processing = 0 if resp Errors = 0 Then msg Note = "[2] Error" Else msg Note = "[2] Error.

Possible malicious script detected." End if End if Next End if ' CHECK MINIMUM DATA SIZE if allow Processing = 1 Then if In Str(raw Receive, "

Troubleshooting: I decided to try an call a file via a scheduled task.

As a result of it, you are unable to switch to other users on the same computer. I learned this issue is due to non-existence of User Accounts in the Group section of Local Users and Groups window.

There is also the possibility that a wrong group is being listed for Switch Users and Logon Screen sections.

Then we apply the fix according to the results so found.

But there also exists the possibility that Windows is simply unable to display Other Users on your computer at log in and Start Screen drop down which appeared once.

There are many possibilities like that exists, so we’re going to give you the fix in this article. Now reboot the system and your issue should be fixed now!

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