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In Matthew Jesus was introduced as being born as God’s son so there is no need at the baptism for God to declare to Jesus his status.

Nor is there any need to inform John who recognized him prior to baptism.

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Rendel Harris Bezae Commentary I, Bezae Commentary II Bezae Commentary III Bezae Commentary IV Link to Bezae Commentary Review Western Text, Lecture I Western Text, Lecture II Western Text, Lecture IIIWestern Text, Lecture IV Frederic Henry Chase Link to The Syro-Latin Text Syro-Latin part I Syro-Latin part II Family13 Wikipedia Rendel Harris Ferrar group, 1 Ferrar group 2 Ferrar group 3 Ferrar group 4 Ferrar group 5 Ferrar group 6 Ferrar group 7 p45 Mark Jonge Caesarean Caesaren Mark Caesarean text Koridethi John Wycliffe Link to Wycliffe's NT William Tyndale Link to Tyndale's NT Robert Young Link to Young's Literal Translation 20h Century modern English NT intro NT Mark NT Matthew NT Luke NT John Richard Francis Weymouth Link to Weymouth's NT William Zeitler Link to Faithful New Testament Link to Holman Christian Standard Bible The Essential Jesus Version Luke * * * John Burslem Gregory Part I Part II Part III J. New Sayings of Jesus and the Synoptic Problem Charles Taylor Oxyrhynchus & Apocrypha Link to Oxyrhynchus Sayings Bernhard Pick Paralipomena I Paralipomena II Blomfield Jackson Agrapha John Donovan The Logia Hugh G. Grant Jones Link to the Septuagint & the NT Link to the New English translation of the Septuagint Glen Davis Link to pre-Christian use of "gospel" James Hope Moulton Link to the Treasures of the Magi Albert J. Rendel Harris Link to Aaron's Breastplate Link to Union with God Nourish then your imagination, strengthen your will and purify your love. In choosing this solemn occasion to advance an essentially optimistic view, that we are here for a plan and a purpose, he placed himself squarely on the side of hope, that "a beneficent creator" will transform our situation and for our part, we are to faithfully trust that this is so. Arises the question, beyond mere wish fulfillment, does there exist in the deep structure of the universe a higher force?

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The publican of 10:3 is in connection with 9:9, where “Matthew” serves in lieu of “Levi” of mark (=Luke ).

Some of the chemicals in the ink raised red flags — until Barabe and his colleagues found, at the Louvre Museum, a study of Egyptian documents from the third century A. "What the French study told us is that ink technology was undergoing a transition," Barabe told Live Science.

The Gospel of Judas' odd ink suddenly fit into place.

In the accepted biblical version of the tale, Judas betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

As part of a 2006 National Geographic Society (the Society) investigation of the document, microscopist Joseph Barabe of Mc Crone Associates in Illinois and a team of researchers analyzed the ink on the tattered gospel to find out if it was real or forged.

Matthew could have collected a source not connect to Mark or Luke (an unknown source). Matthew's main purpose is to prove that Jesus is the fulfillment of the OT predictions concerning the Messiah.

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