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All images written and drawn by Kirby unless otherwise noted. We paid rent a month, and a nickel was worth maybe the equivalent of a dollar today.

GROWING UP ON THE EAST SIDE JACK KIRBY: I don’t know where your father comes from, but where I came from, everybody was an immigrant. My family came from Austria, both my mother and my father. It was very hard for a young man to get a nickel from his mother, but somehow you managed.

It’s accurate enough to refer to Jack Kirby as an American original, but it’s hard to know where to place the emphasis — on American or original. Renowned as one of the handful of true artistic giants in the history of comic books, it’s difficult to come up with encomiums that have not become commonplace. KIRBY: My father worked in a factory like everybody else’s father. And his mother said, “No son of mine will become an artist. KIRBY: Very strict social conventions, and you adhered to it, and I think it gave you a lot of character. The kid gangs that were running around: did they have their own turf? KIRBY: They ran in gangs because they lived in certain places.

This interview was conducted in three different sessions over the summer of 1989 at the Kirby’s comfortable home in Thousand Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles. Are you tired of clicking through categories to find a specific Windows 10 setting?

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