Methods of validating research in complementary therapies

25-Jul-2017 08:05

Excellent tools for helping an accident victim recover also abound in conventional medicine — techniques for setting bones, preventing hemorrhages, and restoring a person’s physical appearance through plastic surgery. Diagnostic tests used in conventional medicine — X-rays, CT scans, EEGs, EKGs, and various blood tests — can reveal the presence of a disease before the patient experiences symptoms. Conventional medicine has also developed powerful weapons against infectious diseases, such as antibiotics and vaccines.There will usually someone there who has experiences they can share.Ideally, for any treatment you choose to undergo there should be available validated and relevant scientific evidence to which you can make reference.From the links at the top of this page you can jump to any of these sections immediately.

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A number of people find that they have been helped by one or more such methods, and some are outlined below.

In general, conventional medicine focuses more on curing diseases and less on maintaining health.