Nixon dating woman

17-Aug-2017 02:46

Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon has described her decision to come out.

It was a singular moment in our history that still fascinates — and resists easy comparisons.Of course, since the last movie – in 2010 – Lena Dunham’s TV show has rather usurped it. Nixon admits she’s a fan of Dunham’s show, which is currently in its final season. “There was a mad scramble to figure out who she was. I’m always meeting people in my life who say, ‘You know, they thought it was me; I got a call.'” The couple now live with Nixon’s two children from her relationship with Danny Mozes, with Nixon known as ‘momy’ and Marinoni as ‘ma’.

Nixon said of her fiancee: “She’s like a short man with boobs. I’m not saying I fell in love with her in a sexually neutral way.Nixon then adds a postscript: “Eventually one day they won’t.” But that’s hard to figure.