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Although the mod is not part of an official release by Czech developers Bohemia Interactive, ISIS supporters are said to be using it to recruit children and radicalise the vulnerable, distributing it free on gaming forums to those declaring their support for the terror group's self-styled caliphate.Shocking: Supporters of the terror group, which has brought rape and massacre to vast swathes of Syria and Iraq, have modified the popular video game ARMA III to create characters based on ISIS militants According to the website, one ISIS supporter took to a well known pro-terror web forum to promote the mod, posting: 'In the latest version of the game ARMA III there are mods in which a user can play as an ISIS militant, especially against the Peshmerga and Syrian army.'Last September ISIS uploaded a video to You Tube that carried the group's chilling black jihadi flag and showed violent scenes from the game - including police officers being gunned down and lorries being blown up by suicide bombers.“We are experimenting and learning new ways of creating content that will engage our fans and tell stories that are completely different than what we have done on any other platforms in the past.” Miller says the game has a very broad demographic of fans, which range from animation enthusiasts to casual and serious gamers.

Turner made the game exclusive to the portable Samsung Gear VR because Miller says it’s the current platform with the largest reach and best performance.“As of now, the release is only for the Samsung Gear VR, however, we’re currently looking at other platforms and are always seeking new ways to expand our storytelling universe,” Miller says.It features 24 hours of battery life and claims to be a 'mini-disco on the move'.