Parcel tracking not updating

13-Aug-2017 15:37

Can someone please tell me what is happening with these packages??The tracking numbers for all the packages including the ones I have received are: RI164994611CN RI164994625CN RI164994639CN RI164994642CN RI164994656CN RI164994660CN RI164994673CN RI164994687CN RI164994695CN RI164994700CN RI164994713CN RI164994727CN RI164994735CN Thanks.Hi there, I have 13 packages in total being sent to me from China. Five of these arrived on Monday and one arrived today.The others seem to be stuck since the 25/9/14 on "Departure from outward office of exchange" all at the exact same time.Features of Canada Post Canada Post tracking international and nation is available and the website is available in order to track Canada Post courier and packages.

Clerks are trained to check the bags , bins and so forth to be sure they are empty, but I have found while working, registered and express and other classes of mail In supposedly empty equipment.

The official website in order to track the shipment is

A subsidiary of Royal Mail Group, Parcelforce Worldwide is a UK-based parcel shipping and logistics company whose delivery network – the world’s largest – spans 239 countries with the capacity to reach over 99% of the global population.

Canada Postal Services came into existence on July 1, 1867 and its headquarters is located in Ottawa, Ontario.

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On a particular server with has been estimated that the Postal Services are provided to more than 15.8 million aggressive and it has a delivery capacity of almost 9 billion items.

Be sure your label is firmly attached and the address is clearly visible.