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It didn’t take long for the hive to start swarming, brandishing stingers and lemon-shaped emoji, ready to fight for their queen behind the comfort of their screens.

In droves, fans searched the Internet for “her,” the woman Beyoncé seemingly referenced in a song about infidelity on the singer’s latest album “Lemonade,” which was released online on 23 April. Blinded by loyalty and late-night angst, Beyoncé’s fan base mixed up some vowels in their fervid Google search.

When I met Holmes in the lobby of the Bowery in New York, I mentioned that my t-shirt had become a soft, well-washed favorite for me to sleep in. ) but at its heart, OBSERVER: So what did you learn from The Pete Holmes Show? I think the main thing I picked up was how to manage an office because comedians are good at comedy—hopefully—and then they get TV shows and then they have to quickly, on their feet, learn a lot of business administration, which you wouldn’t think. I would call my friends of mine who are businessmen and be like, “What do you do? And then I actually just got engaged, and that was strangely sealing. We got engaged on a hot air balloon, which means there was a man I didn’t know standing six inches from my face.

” And they use all these terms about “You need to check in.” “You need to give incentive.” “You need to reward them.” “You need to withhold reward,” or whatever it was.

But what I learned was you need to make sure the office politics—somebody’s taking care of them. You’re a very good waiter, and then you have to do the books and stuff. Was it cathartic to revisit those moments, or is it so far in the past that it felt like it happened to a different person? I think in telling the emotional story we changed the facts a little bit. You’ll meet another lady.” But for some reason, the psychological ties are such that it leaves a wound greater than the sum of its parts. And one of the best things we did on “Crashing” was work with Rachael because she was like, “Come on over for dinner! The writers’ assistants are the people who would appreciate it the most. And that’s sort of the stuff that I like that they do on . It’s like comedy and New York don’t need or want you.

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That seems strange how the industry rewards someone for being a great stand-up comedian with like, a high-level office position. But in retelling the emotion of it, you notice that it still does hurt in ways. I remember when I got divorced, people were just like, “It was just some stranger you met. In doing the show, I’ve done a lot of therapy and a lot of talking about it and processing on my own. “Let’s Get Small.” This was because we were going to Rachael Ray, did something on the show. I was like, “I’m going to blow your heads off.” They need free food also. Yeah, I like to think they can afford sandwiches and stuff but like a meal with Rachael Ray is something that you never get a chance to do that. Her husband loves vinyl, and we got her a box of chocolates. So, similarly, every opportunity that we had—and a lot of them didn’t even make the show—we had characters tell Pete that he sucks or that he’s not funny and really go to town, like make fun of me. So if you leave comedy or New York, neither would notice. People get into their cars and be like, “Fuck you, Manhattan! So on the show, with the car getting towed, and the mugging—all of those things happening in one day isn’t very realistic, but that’s the way it feels when you’re in New York trying to make it.WATCH: Candace Cameron Bure's Daughter Natasha Makes Her 'Voice' Debut "You post things on social media that's fun and everyone wants to see, but that's not real life," Bure explains.