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During PKTech Girl, one of the fabled Lost Aussie Deleted Scenes, in which John and Gilina follow through with their attraction and relieve some tension.From "The Way We Weren't": "Do you remember when you first came aboard? All from Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Aeryn: This is what you want. And, our history leads us to believe, substantially more." Chiana: "Oh.. What happens if John had left with Scorpius at the Shadow Depository, unable to cope with Harvey breaking him down any further? Things I've wrote but will never finish for one reason or other. Plain one shots or scenes from fics I will never write. I wrote this for Fandoms Against Domestic Violence and could not post it online until now. Would Aeryn's love for him win or would Scorpius finally get the Earth pet he had been after all along? Precious little, except the carefully orchestrated appearances allowed by our government. He tells John that he told Pilot not to tell John that he'd intercepted it. "Nothing makes sense if they didn't think of it first," he continues, "and, even then, it's simplistic drivel." John throws him out, throwing Rygel's popcorn over him to keep him out. She has found nothing relating to Katratzi, the place where they believe the Scarrans have taken Aeryn (see Bringing Home the Beacon). And besides their names, what else do we really know about them? Rygel is with him, and asks how many times John plans on watching it. "It's not what you expect, it's what you hope for." Rygel says that Earth is a backward planet full of xenophobic, superstitious morons.

- Scorpius holds John face-down on the floor of the Katratzi hangar bay.

He was the middle child born to Jack (an astronaut) and Leslie Crichton. John's mother died of cancer four years before his Farscape One accident.

He has two sisters, Olivia (his younger sister) and an older sister, Susan. John Crichton followed in his father's footsteps by becoming an astronaut, flew on two missions prior to the Farscape incident and was Mission Commander on one of those missions.

v=VSAJp...eature=related I know we have to quote but you just have to see it when Crichton says "You want some of this'' it just crack me up every time I see it so..

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She tells him that if he bothers her one more time, he can come down and do it himself.

Never let it be said the lady didn't think big.