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09-Feb-2018 19:33

38-year-old Angela Staten was sentenced to serve 14 years in prison on February 9th for her role in the scheme.

In addition to the prison time, Staten has been ordered to serve 14 years extended supervision.

Over the decades, she’s continuously come and gone out of the public eye, never sticking around all that long before fading out again.

Which is maybe why I’m guessing most of us had no idea what she’s been through over the last decade and a half.

The journalist chose to rock a leather jacket on yesterday evening’s Six One News.

The stylish presenter donned a black leather jacket which was zipped to the neck for the news bulletin.

Sharon Ni Bheolain left RTE viewers stunned with last night’s outfit choice.

Because in the mid-1990s, Sharon Stone was the preeminent avatar of American sexuality.