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Participating in this event and other Better Together programs at UA provides members of our campus community the opportunity to foster new connections for increased interfaith understanding,” Mc Lelland said.

“The strong relationships that are built through these dinners and dialogues and doing community service work together will be important for building bridges between groups on campus who might normally be divided by religious and philosophical differences.” Bridging the divide between religious and non-religious beliefs has been central to the Crossroads Interfaith Initiative, which has modeled its work after the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC.org).

Nach Eintreffen aller Teilnehmer werden die Namensschilder verteilt. Während der ersten Runde verteilen wir Prosecco, als Mutschluck.

nd Paulo Monteiro (UA) that will help participants to discuss some of the main challenges about Internet evolution.