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Palmyra is technically made up of about 20 tiny islets covered with dense vegetation. I introduced myself and explained the chain of people and relationships that had led me to her. Nerves were all the more frayed by the awkward satellite delay between the two of us, and static on our connection. “Beth, I’m trying to get to Fiji, and beyond, actually. A small contribution to the conservancy that, say, would pay for your fuel for the next six months.

Coconut and balsa-like trees on Palmyra grow up to 30 meters, although at no point does the actual land rise much more than two meters or so above sea level. It’s located within the boundaries of the remote Oceanic Republic of Kiribati (correctly pronounced kiri-BASS’; the local language doesn’t have an “s,” so “ti” is used to represent the “s” sound.) The area is so remote that it’s not served by any major airline. I’m flying a plane that has pretty good range, but I need to refuel somewhere on route. I’ll work it out with Gabby.” A longer than awkward pause.

Amber's tattoos were on full display and she slipped into the pool after baking in the sun for a bit.

Santa Barbara Matchmakings Lisa Darsonval can help.

The go-to local matchmaker hosts regular Lock and Key parties that offer a space for matching that is as straightforward as it is creative.

She's enjoying a girls' getaway with her mother Shauna.

And Amber Rose put her curves on display in another skimpy bikini over the weekend as she relaxed by her hotel pool in Honolulu, Hawaii.The battle with Guerriere earned her the nickname of "Old Ironsides" and public adoration that has repeatedly saved her from scrapping.