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Her albums set a high creative bar that is the result of an intense work ethic and rigorous artistic standards.Her latest project is titled Biophilia and it is perhaps her most ambitious work to date.In a time where progressive music is rising and there are so many options available to new listeners, it takes serious guts and personality to turn heads anymore.Norway’s Leprous has done just that in recent years, and it has been such a joy to watch them emerge into the limelight of awareness within the progressive community.Inspiriert von den westafrikanischen Griots verstehen sich NYConnection als Geschichtenerzhler des Jazz.In ihren innovativen Kompositionen zwischen Bebob, Folk und Avantgarde lsen sich Songstrukturen in einem Wirbel aus Dialogen und Reibungen auf. Streetdate: Wenn von Jazz gesprochen wird, ist immer schnell die Rede von der Magie, die zwischen den Musikern entsteht. Fr alle, die sich nicht sicher sind, was sie eigentlich darunter verstehen sollen, ist Karl Seglem genau der richtige bersetzer.They are prepared to release their new album “Malina” this summer, and it is set to offer a left hook to the progressive world.Of all things, Leprous is not a band that can be caged into any single genre. What they do believe in, however, is pursuing their artistic passions and following wherever their hearts may lead.


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Leprous, however, is not a band that takes success resting on their hind quarters, as they believe in pushing boundaries, learning from their mistakes, and following their instincts.

It is no wonder, however, as Leprous continues to mature and to cling ever closer to their hearts when crafting new music.

Leprous is a visionary band that defies genre labelling, not just in the style, but also in their attitude.

You can download it on your smart phone, computer, laptop.


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Hence, you can actually find a date within the comforts of your home while having coffee.

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