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16-Dec-2017 20:09

Visit Site This is what dating has been crying out for, a dating site that caters for your local area AND your age.

No more 'needle in a haystack', Mature Surrey Dating are the first to listen and understand their customers needs.

Relationship guru Sandra Harmon loves “grass.” And she wishes the dozens of men she’s dated loved it, too.

“There have been lots of times I’ve dated guys who don’t smoke,” says Harmon. They grew up thinking pot is bad.” But now the 76-year-old matchmaking yenta has a solution: a dating site for stoners.

The site will be hosted by a larger marijuana lifestyle website, Weed TV — a place to go for everything from political news about cannabis to a national directory of dispensaries.

While “M-Date” will be competing with other marijuana dating sites, such as the Los Angeles–based My420Mate, Harmon also plans to include a relationship blog, expert love advice, local meet-ups, seminars, and personal counseling for “M-Date” members from all over the country.

Visit Site A really friendly dating site that makes it easy to discover like-minded Surrey singles.

It offers a targeted dating experience where you can be confident that you're chatting to someone local.

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