Tertey sex

15-Oct-2017 17:31

The turkey isn’t just a big and strange-looking chicken: it is a singular entity of its own.

First of all, we have to make a distinction between the domesticated turkey and the wild turkey: though the two are technically the same species (), they differ quite a bit in size, behavior, and in the way they mate. Male wild turkeys (knows as “toms”) hit sexual maturity around seven months old; females (hens), between one and two years.

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As we work this week to better understand the noble, deeply silly and wonderful turkey, we come to the all-important issue of, well, turkey sex.Dozens protested the bill in central Istanbul, tearing up copies of the proposed legislation and brandishing slogans like “rape is a crime against humanity”.

“Physical harm is indeed defined broadly by the statute to include any injury to a child’s physical condition.… continue reading »

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All seem no more or less happy than other couples I know.… continue reading »

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