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It is open, honest conversation, wherever that leads. And then we have an evening in which a Buddhist sits across from an atheist, and a liberal Lutheran sits across from a conservative evangelical. Some share stories of hope and powerful religious experience, while others talk about why the church is no longer the place for them, and still others say they’ve abandoned God years ago. When we can sit and learn from someone who gave up his Catholic faith in college and has subsequently been practicing Buddhism for over 30 years, something is happening.When an atheist who gave up his religious views because of deep philosophical considerations, yet is interested in issues of meaning and life enough to join us and contribute — something is happening.The most cited reasons by leaders for why Catholics do not get married in the Church were a lack of knowledge about the faith and a lack of connection to Christ and the Church.Respondents reported that many couples do not see the value in marrying in the Church or understand the difference between a sacramental and civil marriage.Louis, “María de Guadalupe: A Beacon for Our Times” is a talk that regards the awe-inspiring meaning, beauty, and pertinence of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and her effect on Catholics throughout time. We make resolutions for our health, professional, and social lives, but have we considered the spiritual transformations needed to make 2017 a year for our Lord.“For everything I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for everything I have not seen.” In this Theology on Tap talk, Jane Guenther shares simply and profoundly how the Church understands angels and demons. Pub theology is simply open conversation over a pint. Going to the pub to talk about faith seems like it increases what we don’t need any more of: talk. More hot air does not make the world a better place.” You might conclude: “Pub theology is a waste of time.” –Related: Bar theology: Burgers, beer, and a side of spirituality in D. (Washington Post)– I’ve heard some criticism along these lines, and I’ve had some of these thoughts myself. I help facilitate pub theology gatherings every week. Helping the poor, working on housing and jobs, advocating for justice, mentoring people and more.

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2100 surveys were distributed and 384 were returned, of which 355 had substantial responses to the open-ended questions about the landscape of marriage in the Church today and best practices and strategies.

For information please feel free to contact Kathy at the parish offices via phone 281-8505 or email. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you soon!

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It is especially written to pastors and pastoral associates to campus ministers to young adult ministers to young adults in peer leadership positions within the Church and with the larger community.

to diocesan offices to military chaplains to leaders in parishes, movements, and organizations whose ministry connects them to young adults, such as chaplains (in schools, healthcare centers, and in prisons), family life ministers, parochial vicars, directors of religious education, youth ministers, those involved in liturgical ministries, adult educators (especially those who prepare people for marriage, baptism, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, and lay ministry), and parish council members" ("The Audience for the Pastoral Plan", Sons and Daughters of the Light).She uses scriptural evidence and revealed tradition to explain the spiritual realm.