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We are also told that the Martian temperature ranged from minus 22 below zero (F) to minus 122 degrees. INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEES AND NETWORKS AND THE FILES OF M. Skeptics say that shadows may make natural objects appear like a man-made structure, yet all the photos taken from different angles of the sun and the cameras show the exact same objects the same way, ruling out the shadow theory.But according to declassified documents and several high-level whistleblowers, a secret group within the German government broke away for the official body, developing incredibly advanced technology that allowed them to eventually settle in Antarctica as well as venture out into the solar system.Corey Goode is a secret space program whistleblower and insider that has been disclosing information that rewrites some of modern history.“We look at these things on the balance of probabilities and this area of study has been ongoing for many decades.

Mr Delonge said in the messages that he had been talking to high-ranking officials in the US government.And the Agarthans, a race of Nordic-like humanoids which at one time claimed to be extraterrestrial but are in fact an ancient breakaway civilization of the Earth.When a sect of a society advances to the point where it gains material and logistical independence from the main population, then that group has the potential to form a breakaway civilization., and I said a bunch of stuff, that I was working with some people.

Well, I think a lot of people doubted it, and they thought it was crazy that this musician would have this kind of access.

One of the more sensational items of importance described by Goode is the infiltration of the American military industrial complex by a faction of this advanced German group during a 20 year period after the end of World War II.