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07-Nov-2017 03:35

Worst, you suggesting "sleeping" on the EDT or even worse, updating the UI from outside the EDT. And make the text change once you click the button. Basically you want to follow a MVC patter (Model, Viewer, Controller). True, but learning early to keep a separation of concerns should help in the long run.

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EDIT: 4) update Turn is called from the JPanel that contains (I get the string 'O', instead of 'X'), I know that whats being displayed ("Player X's turn") is not what should be displayed ("Player O's turn"). Perhaps it has something to do with concurrency as you mention in your question: 2) What does this mean: "I wonder if your problem is a concurrency issue, that you are doing a long-running process on the Swing event thread and that this is preventing your label from updating its text." I read that somewhere else.I know it is generating a new number because when i click one of the buttons for the second time, it moves by a new amount.