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31-Oct-2017 02:17

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We highly recommend you back up your site before updating modules.

From the Drupal Administration pages, go to and put the site into maintenance mode by selecting "Put site into maintenance mode".

Is Checked Out) // Gets an article page named 'On Roasts' Tree Node page = Document Helper.

// Checks whether the page is already checked-out if (! Is Checked Out) // Gets the latest edited version of article pages stored under the '/Articles/' path // The pages are retrieved from the Dancing Goat site and in the "en-us" culture var pages = Document Helper.

Be sure to read and understand all module specific requirements before proceeding with the updates.

Such date-sensitive statements are marked with an indicator that appears on a specified date displaying and linking to this page.

// Creates a new instance of the Tree provider Tree Provider tree = new Tree Provider(Membership Context.

Authenticated User); // Gets the current site's root "/" page, which will serve as the parent page Tree Node parent Page = tree.

Authenticated User); // Gets the page that will be linked Tree Node original Page = tree.

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= null) // Creates an instance of the Tree provider Tree Provider tree = new Tree Provider(Membership Context.

Is Checked Out) // Gets a page named 'On Roasts' Tree Node page = Document Helper.

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