Updating fields in word

19-Sep-2017 18:26

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Next Story Range '' FIXME: for footnotes, endnotes and comments, I get a pop-up '' "Word cannot undo this action. In fact without the option some fields are updated but not all.

Sub Update All Fields() Update All Fields In Active Document End Sub Working for me now in Word 2010 (where the setting is in“File → Options → Display”).

For example, fields are at work when you insert page numbers or create a table of contents.

In these cases, it’s probably simpler to let Word automatically add them for you.

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Field code syntax Field codes appear between curly brackets ( ).

Taking care of the common cases is good enough for me. Sub Update All Fields In(doc As Document) '' Update tables. Update Next toc Dim tof As Table Of Figures For Each tof In doc.

In fact, it's ok if I have to run the macro two or three times before it stabilizes. We do this first so that they contain all necessary '' entries and so extend to their final number of pages.

This chapter from Word 2016 In Depth delves into the technical nitty-gritty details that govern fields and shows you how you can select, insert, modify, and format fields to accomplish a variety of document-creation and formatting tasks.

Even if you don’t end up working manually with fields very often, this is not wasted study!Stephanie wondered if there is a way in Word to force the updating of all fields and links in a document when either opening or saving (closing) the file.

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