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05-Feb-2018 08:13

This is useful if more recent version of a currently working program breaks after an update.(you can't hold a package that was never installed also see my question is the same)....i tested that right now - see he said Synaptic Package Manager). When you find the package, select it and go to the Package menu and select Lock Version.

Among such changes are deletions of details that I now think are no longer needed. The Bibliography that accompanies this 2008 online book includes from the old Bibliography of the original 1972 printed book only those secondary sources that are directly relevant to what is being said. These indications will be useful to readers who need to look up references made by authors to the pages of the original printed version of Householder and Nagy 1972, such as the reference made by Alain Blanc (2008) in his important book on As a further aid to the reader, ellipses have been added before and after those page-break indicators whose placement has been rendered a more impressionistic judgment as a result of extensive revisions. In the future, any additional updating of this 2008 online book will be done in the format of online marginal notes, author-stamped and date-stamped, which are keyed to specific points in the book that need correction or further commentary.New wordings of old observations are framed within circled asterisks (⊛___⊛), while new observations are framed within diamonds (◊___◊).

From what I can gather, there is no means to regenerate a Pivot report (following recent new data changes) from a smartphone. I can't expect users to think to regenerate a number of pivot reports following data entry on a desktop.… continue reading »

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