Updating windows without internet

22-Dec-2017 08:23

updating windows without internet-60

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I am trying to install from USB stick but not installing, please tell me what should I do?

”--- Quoted from Spice Community This is not a rare problem!

What these folks run into, and I’m working with someone on this now, is that due to the dialup speeds in these remote locations not even being up to standard (due to poor telephone lines), downloading the Windows updates that they need for their PC’s ends up being nothing but pure process of drudgery.

Think about it, if you are already on a slow dialup connection and you have your updates set to auto update, when those weekly auto updates kick in, the connection speed slows down that much further.

But it needs a continuous internet connection to do all the jobs.

To our knowledge, both of the above tools are freeware or shareware.Main Functionality Portable Update ­­­­will download and store Windows system updates to a separate cache directory on an external drive.