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“That’s really what the song was all about – why when I was with my boyfriend was I fantasising about women?!” Walter then asked if Gaga had ever had sex with a women, to which she replied: “I’ve certainly had sexual relationships with women, yeah.” The singer also said her father thought she was mentally unstable after seeing her live show for the first time, although the pair are on good terms now (ABC). v=Iljmjabj UP0&hl=en_GB&fs=1 From the papers: Nas has been ordered to pay ,101 per month to soon-to-be ex-wife Kelis and the couple’s daughter Knight (Billboard).Cynics, however, will suggest the partnership is a marriage of convenience, with the minister being the agent who's pulled together The Hydro deal that will see them play to almost quarter of a million fans, grossing more than £10 million. And surprisingly, a packet of Walker's beef crisps, "wi' the corrugated ridges", played a symbolic role."Both of us hold receipts for payments from 1989 when we appeared in Blackfriars' pub [in Glasgow] doing stand-up, and we got a tenner," recalls Kiernan of their first awareness of each other.

The result was seismic; new BBC sitcoms were cancelled, the expected Still Game series was still born, and the pair didn't speak - except for business or legal reasons - until a few months ago.Content standards This condition contains a list of the content standards with which the user must comply when he uploads material onto the website using interactive features such as chat rooms, news groups and bulletin boards.The content standards impose certain contractual obligations on the user, the breach of which will give rise to a potential claim by the website owner for breach of contract.Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill were once as close as two men could be - who haven't bought denim shirts, a two-man tent and headed for Brokeback Mountain.

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While they worked together on the likes of Chewin' The Fat and Still Game, the pair ate together, holidayed together with their families and lived out of each other's pockets and homes.

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