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The night before, in Toronto, “Schitt’s Creek,” which Levy and his son, Daniel, co-created, had won nine Canadian Screen Awards. S., it airs on the Pop network.) The show is about the Rose family—a wealthy couple (Levy and O’Hara) and their feckless adult children (Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy)—who lose their money and move to Schitt’s Creek, a shabby town they once bought as a joke. “Another ten minutes and I would’ve had it,” Levy said.Check it out, create it and help name it, all in honour of Canada’s Sesquicentennial.MEMORABLE MAPLE SYRUP: Let’s just say this isn’t your grandmother’s maple syrup.“I think the wonderful thing about Schitt’s Creek is that it’s an incredibly liberal place,” says Dan, who co-created the series with his father and co-star Eugene Levy (Johnny).

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From the moment David was forced to live in Schitt’s Creek he’s found a kindred spirit in Stevie, as they share a sense of humour and general dislike of other people.(Imagine Levy in the movies, and he’s pursuing a mermaid and falling down a flight of stairs, or singing “My Bubbe Made a Kishke,” or walking in on his son with a pie.) He said, “The intention was for me to be the straight man.