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There never was a question regarding what net worth and fortune he can compile but fans were always wondering if Jeff would find his true love.But it turns out that fate had something special planned for her as he got married again.Kimmel read my name and as he handed me the statue I reminded myself, “This is for your work on ‘Survivor.’” It was a very humbling slash humiliating moment to get an award.The most humbling aspect was I wanted to be a part of the Emmy scene for so long. I finally get recognized and then absolutely blow it in front of all the people I wanted to impress.Naturally, the tribes — divided by age — reacted differently to the onset of danger. “There was no food being served or mattresses being pulled out,” adds Probst, 54. Even though the person sitting across from you is somebody you desperately want to try to make an alliance with, please don’t do it in the room.’”As true fans of the game, the Gen Xers and their millennial counterparts stuck to the rules, and nine hours later, the storm had passed.“Gen X was petrified and the millennials were exuberant over the fact that they were making Survivor history,” explains the Emmy winner. “It was literally like, ‘Sorry, guys, you’re on lockdown. Thanks to Survivor’s camera team, viewers at home will get to witness the catastrophe hit the campsites.Caption: Jeff Probst with his Wife with Son Michael and daughter Ava.

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Fans will be able to watch the latest installment of CBS’s long-running reality TV show, dubbed “Survivor: Heroes v. Hustlers,” when it premieres September 27 on CBS at p.m. Four-time Emmy-winning host Jeff Probst returns to emcee the brand new season, […] » - Marcus James Dixon It’s time for Emmy voters to go back to rewarding the best reality show host on television: Jeff Probst.

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