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Dacascos went to Los Angeles Valley College and was on their 1983-1984 Gymnastics Team coached by Gary Honjio.

He additionally went to Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

Dacascos is capable in his dad's style of combative technique, Wun Hop Kuen Do.

Dacascos turned into an actor subsequent to being found strolling down the road in San Francisco's Chinatown by Chris Lee and Rexall Chin for director Wayne Wang.

I think as a martial artist if you want to learn how to work with reality you have to train like that.

We would try to avoid the eye gouges and so forth, but as far as making contact and hitting and with the speed we did as much as we could without hurting each other. Even now when I’m on my tread mill over there trying to keep my cardio up I pop on a Jackie Chan film or a Bruce Lee film and those guys keep me motivated. That was the first one I saw of Jackie Chan’s and it’s so vivid in my mind still.

This role was previously played by Takeshi Kaga in the original Japanese Iron Chef, and Dacascos' character is presented as Kaga's nephew, though the actors are not related.

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I was a foreigner, and although I had a lot of good friends, kung fu and Jackie Chan were a huge influence in my life!He was a huge influence and I think Jackie Chan was the one that inspired me to really get into gymnastics, and do flips and all that. I would be thinking, “wait a minute, my body is like cold, I might tear something or whatever! But his reasoning was that in a fight situation, in a street fighting altercation, self defence, you don’t have time to say ‘wait a second’ you don’t have time to say ‘I got to warm up my arms and legs, I got to stretch out’ you just got to go” So he believed, as I now do, that if you want your body to react and to be able to perform the way that you want it to, you’ve got to train it that way all the time.